Go Galen GoGo Galen Go was inspired by the many people I have encountered in my life. We have to remember that we are all going through something just at different levels and so far we have all survived 100% of our worst days. Each day is a brand new start – so do something that you’ve been wanting to, don’t wait until Monday or the next month. Do it now.


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Quote of the Moment

Remember: Words are extremely powerful.


“We do our very best, but sometimes it’s just not good enough. We buckle our seatbelts, we wear a helmet, we stick to the lighted paths, we try to be safe. We try so hard to protect ourselves, but it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Cause when the bad things come, they come out of nowhere. The bad things come suddenly, with no warning. But we forget that sometimes that’s how the good things come too.”

  • -Grey’s Anatomy